How to Reduce Plumbing Issues in Condos


Condos or Condominiums have seen a rise in the newly developed area of Sydney, where people prefer to live in a condo lifestyle rather than the traditional experience of homeownership. With the new trend fast gaining momentum, new challenges of plumbing issue have come up in condos.

The plumbing problems faced by condo dwellers are very different from homeowners and their maintenance techniques are also different. Here are some tips for the condo owners to mitigate their plumbing problems and help them in preventive maintenance:

Optimal Water pressure

The problem of low water pressure is faced by most of the condo residents in Sydney. It is a common plumbing issue which can be easily mitigated by using some simple techniques.

The simplest of all strategies is to clean your shower heads. You can do this by filling a plastic bag with white vinegar and place the bag over the showerhead. This bag has to be left overnight tied with the help of a rubber band on the showerhead. The white vinegar will absorb all the debris and contaminants that clog the shower head and give you a sparkling showerhead, as good as new with optimal water pressure. The same method can be applied to faucets of bathrooms and kitchens.

Frozen Pipes

The harsh effects of the frozen pipes is suffered by all the residents of the condo, therefore each should play their part to help in preventing the frozen and burst pipes.

Each of the condo dwellers should run their cold and hot water through the entire winter season. Running the hot water will ensure sufficient heat in the pipes to prevent them from freezing. Pipe insulation can also be installed over outdoor pipes of the condo.

Preventing Leaks

The problem of leaks is common in condos and it is due to the improper maintenance of the washing machine sand dishwashers.

The washing machine and dishwashers plumbing connections and the drain hose have to check on a regular basis by all the condo community dwellers.

If any water is spotted near the washing machines or the walls, plumbers in Sydney should be called immediately to solve the issue. It can be indicative of a larger structural fault of the building.

Water Heater maintenance

The condo residents should check the rusting in the hot water tank from time to time to ensure high quality of water and proper maintenance of the hot water tank. Thus, an annual checkup of the entire plumbing system of the condo has to be done by professionals. As part of preventive maintenance, the condo dwellers should flush out their water heater on an annual basis to flush out all the sediments build up in it.

Therefore, all the condo dwellers should take note of these tops and in case of any issue; the plumbers in Sydney should be called for professional help.

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