How to shut-off water in emergency conditions?


In emergency plumbing conditions, it is always essential to know some safety measures before your plumbers arrive.

Turning off water Supply

If you have a possible leak and you experience flooding conditions, you can turn off the water supply at the following places:
• Water Heater
• Plumbing Fixture
• Main Water Line

Shutting off supply at water heater

Water heaters are run either by electricity or by gas. In case of a leak in water heater, shut down the water heater immediately. The plumber will also do the same as the foremost precaution.

Gas Water Heaters

Find the thermostat which is located at the bottom of the heater. Turn the knob located on top of the thermostat in clockwise direction. At one instant, it will stop moving further and has reached to its off position.

Electric Water Heaters

Go to the main circuit breaker panel of your home and switch off the breaker for the water heater. If you are unsure, which one is for the water heater, shut off the main switch which will shut down the electric supply to your home?

When the plumber will arrive, he can identify the water heater circuit breaker for you and shut it down only.

Turning the Water Supply Off

The water supply handle is located above the water heater, towards the right of the cold water line. You will be able to identify the handle as it is protruding outwards and often red in colour.

Turn the handle of the shut off valve in clockwise direction, until it stops. It has reached its off position and the supply to your home will be cut off.

Drain the Water Heater

To avoid any water damage, you must drain the water heater too. A drain faucet is located at the very end of the water heater tank. Attach one end of a garden hose to that faucet while take the other end to a lower area where rusty and hot water will not cause damage.

Once the hose is positioned, then open the discharge faucet to drain the water tank. Also, open the hot faucets inside the house to allow passage of air into the water heater as the tank drains.

Turning- Off at the Leaking Plumbing Fixture

If the plumbing fixture is leaking, shut off the water supply valve located on the feed pipe going inside the plumbing fixture.

Rotate the valve in a clockwise direction until it reaches its off position and won’t go any further. The feed line will be just below or behind the fixture like the washing machine, sink or the toilet.

Turning the Water Off at the Main Water Supply

The main supply of the water line is located in front of the house near the garden faucet. Turn it off by rotating it in clockwise direction.

After shutting the main supply, open a faucet outside the house to relieve excess water.

Follow these directions for the appropriate water shut-down at every location before calling an emergency plumber Sydney.

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